IP Portfolio

USP 6,666,886 Tissue equivalent approach to a   tissue-engineered cardiovascular valve
USP   8,192,348 Engineered blood vessels
USP 10,111,740 Decellularized biologically-engineered tubular grafts
USP 10,105,208 Decellularized biologically-engineered tubular grafts
USP   10,893,928 Decellularized biologically engineered tubular grafts and valves
PCT/US2017/026204 Decellularized biologically engineered tubular grafts and valves
PCT/US2018/026502 Tri-tube heart valve for strong commissures
PCT/US17/64559 Venous valves
PCT/US18/40510 Tissue grafts
US   62/645,698 & 62/652,848 Alternative stent tri-cuspid
US   62/674,487 Sutureless valve
US   62/507,758 Covered stent
US   62/674,494 & 62/674,513 Engineered tissue valves
US   62/684,147 Orthotopic or inverted tricuspid


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Vascudyne Receives BioBusiness Award from Regenerative Medicine Minnesota for Treatment of Nerve Injury

VASA Conference Image

Vascudyne Announces Presentation of First Clinical Results of TRUE AVC™ in Hemodialysis Access at the VASA Conference

Vascudyne Lab

Regenerative Medicine Company Vascudyne Relocates to High Capacity GMP Manufacturing Facility

Autm better world project image

Vascudyne’s TRUE Tissue Technology is a Top 3 2022 Better World Project Award Finalist

Regenerative Medicine Vascular Graft for Hemodialysis Access

Regenerative Medicine Company Vascudyne Closes $10 Million Series A Financing

Vascudyne announces successful First Human Use of TRUE™ Vascular Graft for hemodialysis access

Vascudyne’s CSO presents at the Heart Valve Society Meeting on tissue remodeling of engineered valved conduit evaluated at 52 weeks in the growing lamb

Lab-created heart valves can grow with the recipient article published in Science Translational Medicine

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