We are on a mission to improve patient care with regenerative biomaterials that are inspired by nature.


Developing, manufacturing and commercializing regenerative acellular in-vitro grown “allograft” tissue.

TRUE to Nature™ Biomaterials

Discover the benefits of using 100% biological soft tissue implants and how the investigational TRUE™ Tissue technology is poised to revolutionize healthcare.

Announcing First in Human Use of TRUE™ Graft for Hemodialysis


Cellular infiltration and tissue regeneration
No evidence of thrombosis or intimal hyperplasia

Successful 6-month AV graft study in baboons


Ready to use, off-the shelf allograft

Naturally derived extracellular matrix

No crosslinking or other chemical fixation
No synthetic materials used through entire manufacturing process


Resembles and feels like natural tissue

High burst strength on par with native arteries

Predictable and tunable anisotropic tensile properties

High suture retention, capable of sewing into valve frames

Excellent post-implantation flow profiles of AV grafts in First in Human clinical study


Vascudyne Image

Vascudyne Receives BioBusiness Award from Regenerative Medicine Minnesota for Treatment of Nerve Injury

VASA Conference Image

Vascudyne Announces Presentation of First Clinical Results of TRUE AVC™ in Hemodialysis Access at the VASA Conference

Vascudyne Lab

Regenerative Medicine Company Vascudyne Relocates to High Capacity GMP Manufacturing Facility

Autm better world project image

Vascudyne’s TRUE Tissue Technology is a Top 3 2022 Better World Project Award Finalist

Regenerative Medicine Vascular Graft for Hemodialysis Access

Regenerative Medicine Company Vascudyne Closes $10 Million Series A Financing

Vascudyne announces successful First Human Use of TRUE™ Vascular Graft for hemodialysis access

Vascudyne’s CSO presents at the Heart Valve Society Meeting on tissue remodeling of engineered valved conduit evaluated at 52 weeks in the growing lamb

Lab-created heart valves can grow with the recipient article published in Science Translational Medicine

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